Post Post CS

Curiosity is a good and wonderful force, regardless of all those unsubstantiated claims about how it killed the cat. Curiosity is the perpetual motion engine I use when travelling through this life. Curiosity powers the bicycle with which I move from one corner of this city to another — always in search of something to be curios about. Curiosity is an infinite combination of the questions What? Where? Who? Why? and How? Curiosity is also what motivated me to enter the vanishing shell of the Post CS Building and take a look around.

During three half hour lunch-breaks, in December 2010 and January 2011, I was allowed to climb up through the rubble of Post CS with my camera and tripod. The lifts had long been decommissioned and, especially on my first visit, somewhere between the sixth and seventh floors I began to doubt the wisdom of my endeavour. Fortunately our good friend curiosity came to the rescue and pushed me further up the building and I was rewarded with spectacular views and a strange not-quite silence.

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