Storytime 360

One Friday in November 2015, I told a five minute story at Mezrab. Ever since — and with increasing frequency — I’ve had the pleasure of sharing some of my silliness with others. It’s a good feeling.
Below are some recordings of the stories.

This was my very first story.

And then this one, a bit later.

The Underground Chicken Kingdom of Mokum
On a regular moonlit night an innocent hero’s mobile phone thrusts him into an adventure. Not just any adventure, but one that chews its way through the boundaries of common sense.

How the Moon Came to Be
A modern-ish folk tale about the origin of the moon.

The Thing With Invisibility
Just in case you were wondering whether or not invisibility exists… take it from me, it does. In this tale I recall recent experiences with an invisible person.

Jesus and Moses Walk into a Bar
Musings on a vain search for a story that includes Moses, Jesus, and alcoholic beverages. While not an actual success, it was an enjoyable quest.

A Trip to the Circus
Taken from a Mezrab My True Story night. The theme was ‘Confessions of a Dangerous Mind’ and this is my take on that.

A Boxy World
In partial response to our current addiction to putting everything in boxes, this story comes from a not so distant future…